dandyCommute: Downtown via Shaw Street Sharrows

Story and photos by Anthony Rotolo
I ride to and from work Monday to Friday all year round. It is 2.5 kilometres and takes me about 10 minutes. My route does not have bike lanes, but Shaw Street has recently introduced sharrows. This is great because every morning I fear the dreaded door-prize from parents dropping their children off at the Givins/Shaw public school. I also think speed bumps are needed on that road.
Why commute?
I ride because it's faster, healthier and I don't own a vehicle.
Best part of your commute?
The best part of my commute is going down Shaw Street. It's downhill and with the new sharrows I don't feel pressured by following traffic.
Worst part of your commute?
Travelling along Dundas West and parts of Queen Street West.
Most surprising part of your commute?
Taxis often surprise me (you never know what they are going to do). They stop and make U-turns, never signaling or using their hazard lights.
What infrastructure change would make your commute better?
Shared lanes.
Bike lanes.
Road maintenance (potholes).
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