Biketastic Nuit Blanche

Bicycle creations by Kim Adams from his many previous exhibits, on display at 2013 Nuit Blanche in Toronto.

Biketastic Nuit Blanche a hit with all generations

Kim Adams interactive exhibit part of bike-themed art in and around City Hall

by dandyhorse staff

Just like Virginia, it can be said that "Art is for lovers." But in the case of Kim Adams' two-headed bike sculptures, it's more likely that art is for soon-to-be-divorcees.

Turns out, riding a bike with a partner who has to pedal in the opposite direction and steer in the same direction, while facing the other way, is a difficult thing to discuss.

So it made perfect sense that the less verbally advanced, or,  youngest of participants, seemed to manage best on the interactive bike sculptures. Or at least they weren't starting any brawls and were having a blast.

Children navigate the double-headed bicycles (and tricycles) created by Kim Adams.

It was also just great to see young people of all ages be completely engaged and not checking their phones for longer than 10 minutes at a time. To see people free of electronic distractions and completely concentrating on one thing - the task at hand - was nice.

There was a steady stream of participants and a fairly fast-moving line up to ride the bikes.

Young couples arguing over who was pedalling and who was steering, was interesting to witness. It had some observers wondering if couples who can't navigate a simple two-headed bike together will make it?

City Hall looks pretty in purple.

This couple was moving fast, until... the backwards pedaller decided to stand up.

This couple switched seats for the ride back down the corridor.

The way these bikes work is that while there are two frames, they both share a (back) wheel, which has the gear and derailleur on them. For the riders to advance, one has to pedal backwards, while the other pedals forward. If they both pedal at the same time the bike will go no where. As well the rider who is on "the back" has to reverse steer if they want to change course.  If they do not, the bike will tip over.

Volunteers were very helpful and encouraging. Helmets were supplied by Outdoor Gear Canada.

Many of the bikes had strange whirligigs attached to the front wheel that spun or vibrated as participants pedalled.

The walkway behind the Supreme Court of Justice was decorated with festive lighting and skateboarding teenagers filming each other doing tricks on the building's requisite ramps, with a backdrop of thousands of art-curious culture-craving visitors and locals gathering in the public square. It was mildly European.

Big crowds at Nuit Blanche. Everyone loves Ai Wei Wei's Forever Bicycles (on Display until Oct. 27.)

Kim Adams has shown these bike sculptures all over the world. Each time they give away all of the bikes except for one. Here we see the larger collection. New, bigger, bikes were constructed especially for 2013 Nuit Blanche in Toronto.

Read more about this exhibit here:

Nuit Blanche features two-headed bikes you can ride by Kim Adams

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  1. Lovely! Ill go check those out tonight!

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