dandyCommute: Chris Sleath of Dynamo Works in Scotland

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dandyCommute: Stockbridge village in Edinburgh

Text and photos by Chris Sleath

Describe your commute:

My commute takes about twenty minutes along a river, through Stockbridge village, passed Ronde Cycle Outfitters (and cafe too), up through a park which has a lovely cooling cycle tunnel and up a cobbled street to the print studio where I work as a gallery technician.

Why do you commute by bike?

It's quick, peaceful and free. Also, it gives me a chance to catch up with friends dropping their kids off to school and pick up something for lunch from the market or Ronde. Mostly it's all about the freedom to roam and discover and explore.

What is the best part of your commute?

The swimming pool is exactly half way to or from work and is a great way to start the day or unwind at the end. It's a private members club founded in 1882 and a bit like swimming in a church as there is a huge window at one end where the sun streams through and it's always very quiet and calm. There is also a trapeze over the pool which is great fun.

What is the worst part of your commute?

Traffic in town is very stressful for everybody as there is a tram system being built and is very badly managed and road diversions change daily. You have to constantly get on and off the bike and impatient drivers cut cyclists up a lot. Edinburgh is not geared up for cycling because of the narrow streets, the hills and the wind!

What is the most surprising part of your commute?

The flora and fauna down the river changes daily which is great to see up close. Following a kingfisher up the river seems like a privilege to me.

What infrastructure change would make your commute better?

A dedicated cycle route along the main street in town as part of the tram works would have been good but it ain't happened. It's actually pretty dangerous along there. Best avoided.


A print by Chris Sleath above. Quote from Fausto Coppi.

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Chris Sleath of Dynamo Works in Scotland

Send us your dandyCommute story for our series and you could win an Opus bike at the end of 2013! 


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