dandyCommute Series: College and Euclid to Richmond and Bay

I like to take the alleys, love the graffiti

Words by Tim Woods with photos by Sarah Greene

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dandyCommute Series: College and Euclid to Richmond and Bay (approximately 3.25 km)

Describe your commute:

I mix it up (both ways) but have two main ways in and one regular way out.

In: I take College to Beverly, and Beverly to Queen (utilizing the cycling infrastructure on these streets), then ride Queen to just before Bay, sneaking in between The Sheraton Centre and Timmy Hoes to Richmond and in the office door. My bike(s) come in too, although my boss gets a little touchy when I have more than two bikes stored at the office at one time! Some nights it’s just not legal to bike home from Bay Street.

Alternately, I go south down Palmerston to Robinson St., east to Spadina, then south on Spadina, taking a quick left on to Wolseley St. I ride east until Augusta and then I go through the alleys till Cameron, following the same route along Queen to the office.

Out: I ride Richmond west to John, then north on John (often stopping at Urbane) then through the Grange Park (slowly) along Grange to Huron, up Huron to Dundas, across Dundas to Spadina, north on Spadina to St. Andrew and into Kensington Market.

Brian is very often the source of my dinners, I cannot recommend his store highly enough!

I kind of meander through the market, buy dinner, get a $6 dollar hair cut – you know, ‘live the dream’.

Better bread, then dead!

Sometimes I hit the Bathurst beer store before I bike home through the alleys south of College (I live in the alley between Euclid and Palmerston; indoors, in case you were wondering).

Why do you commute by bike?

I am a cyclist. I would rather ride then use any of the other options. It is free, fun, good for me, and non -polluting.

What is the best part of your commute?

Leaving the office. Or maybe Kensington, I love the Market!

What is the worst part of your commute?

It is way too short. I lived for a while at Bathurst and Wilson, hated the apartment, loved the commute!

What is the most surprising part of your commute?

How few cyclists are wearing helmets in the winter; good-looking hair is useless if your brain doesn't work!

What infrastructure change would make your commute better?

East/west bike lane downtown!

Tim Woods is the Sr. Vice President at Sheridan Brothers LP.

This story is part of a series about commuting by bike to work.

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