Some photos from the Toronto International Bicycle Show 2013

One daring rider hits the rail at the BMX competition - a major draw for the bike show. Not many riders were hitting the rail on Saturday as one rider hurt himself on it on Friday. One pro competitor noted the run-up to the rail at this year's event wasn't big enough to get good speed and the subsequent air needed to make a successful pass.

Photos by Tammy Thorne and Sarah Greene

dandyhorse was at the Toronto International Bicycle Show this weekend, and took in some of the BMX competitions, bike sales and the bike polo games.

It was really nice to see our sponsors that were at the show Opus Bike, MEC, Cyclemotive, and also our dandy pals Cycle Toronto and Trailblazers.

We are really looking forward to spring and it was nice to see so many people out looking for good deals on cycling gear, accessories and bikes.

The Toronto BMX Jam and stunt competitions were in full swing Saturday.

Hard to capture on camera -- but we witnessed a number of mid-air flips!

There was also bicycle polo this year too.

And a flatland BMX competition. Some amazing international riders this year - and a huge age range of competitors. 

And BMXers in training!

Some were taking in the Bike Polo T.O. show in style on a tall bike, avec le sofa seating. 

Gallant bikes are new in town - coming to Bloor Street West soon!

Pinarello in purple plaid.

Sharing dandy with our pals at MEC. MEC bikefest is coming soon to Toronto: May 18 at Trinity Bellwoods park. Bikefest will take place in three cities in Ontario this year!

Trailblazers tandem cycling club. Trailblazer president, Lynda Spinney on the right.

Espresso for charity perked me up!

Hugh Black of True North Cycles shows off one of his custom creations.

Of course, there was lots of shopping of all kinds:

Yellow cog serving tray anyone? By the Recycler.

The Toronto International Bicycle Show ran all weekend and winners for the BMX Jam, Flatland Competition and Mountain Bike Race and Stunt competitions will be soon listed on the website and on the Toronto BMX website too.

Until next year!

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