Winter Bike Spotting Duo: Molly Crealock and Jan Philip Miksa and Charlie

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Molly Crealock and Jan Philip Miksa and Charlie

Photos by Yvonne Bambrick and text compiled by dandyhorse staff

Molly Crealock

What are you wearing?

I'm wearing mittens from Wise Daughters Craft Market, Blundstone boots, Dockers, a jacket from Ikeda and a sweater from Costa Blanca. I'm also wearing a helmet from Urbane Cyclist (the Xtracycle extension is from there too) and my bike is from Set Me Free. We use a child seat from Sweet Pete's.

Charlie is wearing a Woodland jacket, pants from the Children's Place, Cherokee boots, mimiTENS mittens from Baby On The Hip, a helmet from Swete Pete's and a handmade scarf (care of Nana Oya).

Why is it still best to get around by bike in winter?

I messed up my knee riding in high gear during winter, a while back. I have learned not to push quite as hard when it's cold. I have also stopped riding when there's ice and slush on the roads. And I try to remember that the days are shorter and that good bike lights are more important now. I don't take Charlie out on the bike when it's below -5 or so. Otherwise, riding in winter is still the fastest, cheapest, easiest and healthiest way to get around town. My bike is my de facto mode of transportation. I love the freedom and the fresh air and I hate to wait.

Chief dandy photographer Molly Crealock has been riding year-round in Toronto for 15 years. Molly has been contributing to dandyhorse since the start, including most of our fabulous Heels on Wheels profiles.

Jan Philip Miksa

What are you wearing?

I'm wearing an Oakley jacket, jeans from Jack & Jones, Finn Comfort shoes, and a Wind River hat and gloves. I got my bike at Bike Pirates.

Why is it still best to get around by bike in winter?

For me, the bike is a tool to get from point A to B. A deeper loving relationship between me and my bike hasn't developed yet but I passionately love this planet, especially the old growth forest. As a practicing environmentalist I try to inspire by example and ride my bike in almost all weather. Thinking of getting a horse though...

A biodynamic farmer by training, Jan is working to realize his dream farm: "Deer Fields Farm." He is currently working at Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto. He's been riding all year since age 12.

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