Winter Bike Spotting Duo: Randy Chung and Katie Russell

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Randy Chung and Katie Russell

Photos by Yvonne Bambrick and text compiled by dandyhorse staff

Randy Chung

Please tell us about what you are wearing?

I'm not wearing any bike-specific gear. I think the trick is just to layer up and keep warm. I've got a pea coat and big wool scarf over a knit cardigan over a button down shirt over a t-shirt. I have knit mittens on, and sometimes when it's colder, I'll have smaller gloves under those mitts. I have a toque that I can fold down over my ears when necessary, and some insulated winter boots. I have YNOT straps on my pedals, which are great for the winter, because I can adjust them out to fit over my boots. When it gets messy out, I have a clip-on fender for my back wheel, but I didn't need it today.

Why is biking the best way to go even in the winter?

Biking is a great way to get around in winter because it's just easier. No waiting for streetcars, no searching (and paying) for parking.

Web developer and designer Randy Chung has been winter biking for about 3 years now. Randy has been our web programmer and designer since we launched our fab new site here at - thanks Randy!

Katie Russell

Please tell us about what you are wearing.

I'm wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath my dress for extra warmth, and two pairs of socks - one under my tights, and one over them. My coat is a furry, leopard print, vintage number that I picked up pretty cheap in the UK, but it's already seen me through two winters, and I'm hoping it'll last at least another one! I wear a woolly beanie under my helmet - I deliberately bought a helmet with an expandable interior so that I could wear a hat underneath it to keep my ears warm in the winter. I also wear gloves that have mitten flaps so that I can easily get my fingers out to lock and unlock my bike. When it starts to get even colder, I'll swap my tights for fleece-lined leggings, wear an extra scarf, swap my ankle socks for over-knee ones, and bring out my winter boots.

Why bike in the winter?

Biking is still the quickest way to get around in the winter, and even though it's cold, if you dress appropriately, you don't really feel it. Plus you don't have to stand around waiting for transit.

Katie is a research assistant at the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre at Ryerson University. This is her first winter biking in Toronto, since moving here just over a year ago.

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