The best bikey gifts for Father’s Day

by Kaitlyn Kochany 

Forget the boring golf shirts, ugly neck ties and tool sets and get your dad something cool this year. Here are ten bikey gifts for your old man -- perfect for the budding biker or the cycling aficiando.


Etsy vendor AvantGardeDesign has taken a simple, utilitarian piece of Dad's bike and transformed it into a stylish and elegant reminder of his favourite pastime. These cuffllinks, made with links from a bike chain, let men show off their cycling side even as they blend into the black tie crowd.

Cycling Computer

Is your dad a bit of a tech nerd? Ease the transition away from the computer and into the bike saddle with a cycling computer. This handy piece of machinery, which is available at MEC, displays top speeds and total distance, along with other useful tidbits, ensuring that Dad will always have the most accurate bragging rights.


Help keep Dad sweat-free on those long rides with a scarf from Cadence, sold exclusively in Canada at Cycle Couture. The chambray scarf can shade the neck, mop up sweat, and even dry a rain-soaked saddle in a pinch. Chambray is a stylish, durable choice for looking great; Cycle Couture also carries Cadence's casually rugged chambray shirt that's perfect both on a bike and manning the grill.


After a family bike ride, Dads can tuck their kids into bed with a story. Gracie Goat's Big Bike Race is just right for early readers, and tells the story of how Gracie Goat gets over the fear of riding her bike. Dads can help encourage two-wheeled skills from a young age, and spend some time with their literate youngsters. Author Erin Mirabella is a cycling champion who has represented the USA at the Olympics and several cycling world cups.

Child Carrier 

If the little ones are too young to pilot their own bikes, Chariot Carriers ensures that they can still hang out with Dad as he bikes around town. The Cheetah 2 Chassis, which is available at Sweet Pete's, accommodates two kids, and a storage bag at the back carries their stuff. The Chariot line can be converted into skis and jogging strollers, provides plenty of accessories (covers and fenders keep the mud off), and they fold for easy storage.


Stylish dads can still be safe dads! Set an example for the under-16 crowd by strapping on a Yakkay helmet from Curbside Cycle. These toppers are designed to look like hats, but under their tweedy exterior lies a solid core of safety. Dads have plenty of different styles to choose from, include big-brimmed helmets to block out the sun and more streamlined domes to stay sleek.


If Dad is jonesing for a Sunday Night Movie, treat him to the classic 1979 cycling comedy Breaking Away, featuring one of Dennis Quaid's first on-screen roles. Dad probably saw it when it first came out, and it stands the test of time as a kid-friendly movie night. There's slapstick, Italian opera singing, swimming, food fights, and more.

Art Print

If your Dad needs a little reminder of his two-wheeled adventures on his office wall, pick up Kid Icarus's "Anatomy of the Bicycle" print for him this Father's Day. It's an elegant and minimalist guide to his favourite method of transportation.


Combing two Dad favourites - t-shirts and Star Wars - in one ultimate comfy package. Designed by Albertan Etsy vendor Engram, this instant weekend classic will be Dad's go-to shirt for trips to the playground and fixing flat tires.


Make sure your dad runs like clockwork with a bike-themed watch. Available at boutiques across Canada and online, May 28th offers two stylish cycling-related watches; one is an old-timey throwback, and the other is a sleek and graphic black-and-white design.


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