Helmet-friendly Hairstyles

A great helmet-friendly headband braid by Johanna Martin.

Some braided hair-dos that will fit under your protective cap
Story by Alyssa Garrison
Photos by Johanna Martin

Helmets and hair are forever at war. When faced with arriving at a party–or worse, a date–with a sweaty, awkwardly kinked mane, it almost feels more desirable to risk the significantly less attractive cracked head look. We all know this is ridiculous; who says you can't have safety and a desirable shag? The easiest answer to this complex conundrum: hair braids!

The past two runway seasons have been thoughtful enough to to make this cyclist favourite hairstyle incredibly trendy. Whether it be Fendi's Nordic rope-like twists or Vivienne Westwood's random childish braids or pretty soft side braids like those found in Miu Miu's legendary spring 2010 show, there's a braid to suit every style this season. This point is proven through the diverse list of celebrities seen sporting the hairstyle, including Rachel Bilson, Charlize Theron, Blake Lively, Chloe Moretz, Molly Sims and Jennifer Hudson.

A headband braid from the back.

This fishtail braid is breezy and beautiful.

From fishtails to hair-headbands, almost every interpretation will fit snugly into your favorite protective headgear and survive the squishing pressure almost completely unaffected. Try braiding ribbons or flowers into your locks for special occasions, or braid and bunch to create a textured bun! With hundreds of how-to's, Youtube videos and Tumblr inspiration blogs, the options are endless. So what are you waiting for? Get twisting and stay dandy!

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  1. Nice! Now I just need to learn how to french braid my hair!!! : )

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