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While Amy Sedgwick bikes to work, sister Kim chooses to walk. They own Red Tent Sisters, an eco-friendly sex shop. 

Red Tent Sisters supports eco-friendly riding

Story and photos by Martha Beach

We all know that riding your bike is good for the earth, for your heart, and for your lungs but did you also know it’s also good for your menstrual cycle, sperm count, and fertility in general. “Exercise is good for reproductive health. It helps with chemicals and hormones and blood flow. Deep breathing is also really good for your organs,” says Amy Sedgwick, one of two owners of Red Tent Sisters, an eco-friendly sex shop on The Danforth.

The shop is a calm, comfortable, sunny space on a bustling, smoggy street. They carry many eco-friendly products like sex toys and lube, and they also offer sexuality and fertility workshops, classes and programs for couples and individuals. The sisters also founded a site for similar products, Ecosex.

Cycling is a menstrual book, and the Diva Cup is a favourite for many active women.

Amy specializes in nutrition and fertility, and both women are all-knowing when it comes to sexuality, body confidence, and healthy, natural products for some of the most natural aspects of our lives.

When Amy and her sister Kim opened the shop almost five years ago, they started opening packages of sexual products and toys “and you could smell the resin and chemicals coming off them,” says Amy. “We found out that sex toys are unregulated.”

That discovery, along with their mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer, and worry over what Amy’s young daughter was ingesting, lead to Amy and Kim’s decision to only sell environmentally-friendly products. Every item in their shop is either locally-made, eco-friendly, organic, or some combination of all three. “The toys feel better. They’re better quality and they’re much easier to clean – you just boil them. Others are porous and bacteria can get in.”

The fertility section holds lots of vitamins, books, and even fertility-enhancing teas. There are also products for men, like a guide book to male infertility.

Chemicals are not only present in many body products and plastics, but we often breathe them in on our daily commutes. “I take side streets. I feel safer. The Danforth is noisy and there is a lot of pollution,” Amy says of her commute to and from the shop.

Sometimes the stress of living in the city can also creep into our bodies. “We should do anything to be more comfortable. Exercises releases endorphins, our own happy pills,” says Kim who usually walks to and from work. “Walking helps my productivity and it also helps clear my head. Sexual activity is easier and more fun when your mind is clear.”

Amy rides to her shop Red Tent Sisters when the weather is fair. Daily physical exercise, sun and fresh air, helps both sisters feel good physically and mentally every day.


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