Great gear at the Green Living Show

A quick spin through the Green Living Show

Story by Martha Beach, photos courtesy of and Global Watch.

This year's Green Living Show is the commercial mecca of all things green: from organic potato chips to plastic-free kitchen equipment and electric plug-in cars, all the way down to locally-made clothing and environmentally friendly building equipment. They even have a bike valet where you can safely leave your bicycle while you stroll around the show.

A demo of the YikeBike, from the Canadian distributor GlobalWatch.

The biggest novelty bike item at the show is the YikeBike, the first entirely folding electric bicycle. Distributed in Canada by GlobalWatch (the same company that distributes a chair that folds into the size of an envelope), the YikeBike doesn't look like a bicycle at all. The handlebars and speed controls are at the sides of your hips, and there are no pedals. If there isn't too long of a line-up, you can sign up to try it out. This bike is unconventional and fun, a maybe a snap-shot of the bicycles of the future!

There were a few nifty products at the show that dandy readers would probably benefit from, especially urban commuters. Modrobes is one of the local stand outs.

Eric just bought a short trench-style riding jacket. Photo from

Modrobes is a clothing line designed specifically for urban athletes that features sustainable, durable, quick-dry fabrics. With simple colours, clean lines, and nice cuts, this is sportswear that you can wear any where. Here is the best part: it doesn't smell! You can get to work, lock up your bike, sip some water, and then throw a button-up over your biking shirt. As long as it has a couple minutes to dry, you can wear their clothing all day with no sweaty aroma.

Speaking of moisture...

An iPad Quench app screen shot of the Exhibition Grounds and water refill-stations available in the surrounding area.

Quench is a new app from the creators of The Water Brothers, a TV series about all things water. Their recently-released app lets you find bottle-refill stations and fountains across the GTA using a simply-marked map. With the ability to comment on the quality or cleanliness of the water and room for comments, this app is great for thirsty bikers on the go.

And just one more quick note, CAA now offers Bike Assist roadside assistance for your bicycle. While it's only available to those who are already CAA members, it could be a good idea for those who like long trail rides or other off-road cycling.

There's a lot more in store at the Green Living Show this weekend so check it out. Take your bike down park and park in the safety of the Toronto Cyclists Union bike valet parking!

The Green Living Show is on until Sunday evening at the Direct Energy Centre.

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