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Is walkability, bikeability, mobility, or livability part of your work?

Story by Leila Kent

Early registration is now open for the 2012 Complete Streets Forum — happening right here in Toronto, on April 23 at the  Evergreen Brick Works. This is the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation's fifth annual active transportation conference (which began under the moniker of the Bike Summit).

Complete Streets” are both safe and inviting, prioritizing people on bikes and on foot, while simultaneously addressing the needs of those in other vehicles and in public transportation. The goal is to effectively balance the interests of different kinds of road users, while promoting active transportation and vibrant urban environments.

How do we get Complete Streets? By designing and implementing creative policies and smart city planning. The cross-pollination of ideas between different areas of expertise and from city to city is a key part of this approach.

On April 23, the forum will focus on practical applications from Canada and around the world of building the Complete Streets approach into policy, design, planning, and community. The event will feature presentations and workshops to give participants the tools to bring these ideas into their own work and advocacy. The goal is to accelerate the implementation of Complete Streets across Canada.

This year,  speakers include Dan Burden, Gary Toth, and John LaPlante. In 2001, Dan Burden was named by TIME Magazine as “one of the six most important civic innovators in the world.” He has personally helped 3,500 communities around the globe become more livable and walkable. He will share his expertise, along with his recent experiences working in Collingwood, Ontario.

Gary Toth is another keynote speaker who has experience in both the engineering and "place-making" aspects of Complete Streets (and penned this thought-provoking article last year). John LaPlante, meanwhile, has worked for 50 years in high levels of transportation engineering in Chicago.

There will also be a BIXI stand at Evergreen for the day and TCAT is coordinating with the Bike Union to have a bike ride out to the site on the morning of April 23.

The forum is open to everyone. TCAT says that the presentations and workshops will be of particular interest to planners, transportation officials, public health professionals, engineers, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, developers, accessibility and mobility experts, non-profits, and more.

Register now for discounted early-bird rates — available until April 2, 2012.

Check out the 2012 Complete Streets Forum event page for more info.

The Spring 2011 issue of dandyhorse was based on the TCAT/CAP study that shows biking and walking is good for business. This issue (with the "word bike" cover by dandy art director Dave Murray) will be available for participants at this forum.

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