dandySHOPS: Cycle Couture on College

Cycle Couture College Street storefront on a sunny February day.

Sartorial cyclists set for all seasons with new shop Cycle Couture
Story by Heather Reid
Photos by Jamie Rosenthal

While Toronto city cyclists have become known for busting out their most bright and beautiful outfits on the first spring-like days, fashionable cyclists are a bit fewer and far between at this frostier time of year.

Cycle Couture is here to help you look dandy on your bike year-round. The boutique bike shop opened in April of 2011 at 926 College St., just east of Dovercourt, and brought with it a selection of international designers like Herskind + Herskind, Velorbis, Public Bicycles and Clarijs, Basil and Po Campo –some never sold in Toronto before. And, all bikes come with fenders and bike racks to weather any storm, plus sleek designs to suit any of Toronto’s many diverse expressions of bike style.

Public Bicycles line the centre of the shop.

Designer bicycle brands currently being carried at the shop have been selected for their quality, comfort, and utilitarian designs according to owner Jeff Scullion. “Many of our customers have a lot of personal style which can be seen in the bikes they ride and accessories that they use.”

“We have a wide customer base,” says Scullion. “Our customers appreciate excellent design, great quality and unique products. We strive to carry a variety of bikes and accessories that are highly focussed on stylish city cycling. We are the first retailers in Canada for of all of the bike brands that we sell as well as many of the bike accessories.”

The accessories and gear available at Cycle Couture blend statement-making style with practical function. Case in point: their Mission Workshop line of backpacks and other accessories like riding jackets from San Francisco.

Cycle Couture's uncluttered walls feature bike accessories like Mission Workshop backpacks.

The name Cycle Couture suggests the exclusivity of the fashion world, but the store’s manager Adam Freeman says they see bike style as something that everyone can make their own. The way to make cycling accessible to the broader spectrum of Toronto personalities is to make it fun: to play on the enthusiasm for personal style that a diverse city like Toronto already has.

Overall, it’s a bike shop that wants to make bicycling more fun and personal, and they want to encourage more people to try city cycling too.

I don’t think they are consumed with fashion at Cycle Couture, but rather believe that cycling is as much an extension of yourself as anything else you choose to do in and around your city. By transforming bikes for people into a playful expression of themselves, bicycling can become something all sorts of people simply want to do more and more.

Photo of store manager Adam Freeman by Heather Reid.

A selection of stylish bikes looking onto College Street.
Photo by Heather Reid

Cycle Couture
926 College Street
Toronto, ON
M6H 1A4


Although it’s all very good to think about keeping warm this winter, the growing numbers of Toronto cyclists with style are adding a bit more colour to our Toronto streets this winter. After our visit to the shop we went Bike Spotting on College and Dovercourt, asking how is fashion important to local riders.

Winter Issue - with lots more advice on what to wear for your College Street ride coming soon!

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