Happy New Year! dandyhorse readers’ survey recap

Looking forward
This photo was from our most popular online dandy story in 2011 ~ Christopher Kaiser shoots Kevin Barnhorst for the Food issue.

Looking forward to 2012!

By Tammy Thorne

This year I resolve to bike more.

And according to our dandyhorse magazine readers’ survey results it would seem that many of you are resolving to do the same.

Over 70 per cent of survey respondents will be visiting a bike shop within the next two months and almost as many of you plan to buy a new bike within the next year! That’s GREAT news for Toronto! We’re definitely off to a dandy 2012.

Thank you to the over 500 participants who did our survey and congratulations again to our 12 Days of Christmas gift giveaway winners! Our survey and giveaway were a great success thanks to all of you and our dandy sponsors. (See names and photos below and on our dandyhorse magazine facebook page too.)

Most of our survey respondents said they were willing to pay more for both Canadian-made as well as sustainably produced products.

More good news: each dandyhorse magazine is read by almost three people. We found similar results with our first readers’ survey in 2009 following our second issue of our Canadian-made sustainably-delivered and produced magazine. About thirty per cent of our readers receive dandyhorse from a friend.

On the down side, about the same amount (just 30 per cent) of you have read our latest edition – the Food issue.

What are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE today to get our Food issue now and our Youth issue this spring.

Adding to our sustainability quotient, our gorgeous, recently enhanced and well-received web product, dandyhorsemagazine.com, will also soon feature our first winter web issue this February.

And, according to our survey, a full 20 per cent of our readers take advantage of our sponsor shop complimentary copies. Good news for our retailer sponsors!

We’ll be replenishing some of our local sponsor shops with limited numbers of both 2011 issues again soon ~ stay tuned.

Our spring Youth issue will arrive in shops in time for Bike Month in Toronto.

If you would like to know more about our editorial calendar please email tammy @ dandyhorsemagazine.com.

One more resolution: this winter I resolve to wear more cashmere.

That's right; our upcoming winter issue will focus on gear… and winter cycle commuters across Canada will tell us what they wear to stay warm and comfortable (and look badass) during their winter commutes.

We'll have a lot more WINTER cycling content - like this story from dandy senior editor Dana Lacey - on our website and, of course, in our winter web issue.

dandyhorse magazine wishes you all the very best biking for 2012!

And BIG CONGRATS AGAIN TO ALL of our dandy prize WINNERS: Dylan Wade, Bruce Freeman, Ben Marans, Kaitlyn Kochany, Sarah Bobas, Nadine Lessio, Petra Joeres, Kate Armstrong, Katie Didyk, Janice Tseung, Brian Hoeniger and Jonah Zalken!

And thank you to all our sponsors and survey participants.

Our prize winners each received a set of dandyhorse back issues and they’ve all said they are enjoying the timeless, informative and fun articles.

Here is a photo of Bruce (winner #1) enjoying our fourth issue with the Spokes cover by Chris Simonen:

Katie Didyk (shown here below with prize pack #9) said she got her very first copy of dandyhorse at a yard sale where a contributor was selling a few back issues of her own! AWESOMENESS! We <3 yard sales. (We also really like that you are passing dandyhorse on to other bike lovers, and potential bike lovers in your life!)

Grand prize winner Jonah Z here below with the famous “pantless” cover issue that features our mayor inside.

Winner of prize pack 6, Nadine Lessio, gives the thumbs up to the dandy Food Issue and the Greg Curnoe cover (aka issue 2) peaking out of her new backpack, below.

Kaitlyn gives the thumbs up to the whole set. (Mike Barry feature cover with cover art by Greg Curnoe shown here below.)

BIG UPS again to the dandy web team who worked on the survey site: Duncan Hurd, Jennifer Rong, Randy Chung and Manny “the cat whisperer” Perez who helped create this beauty grid below.


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