BIXI Toronto expands coverage by 50%

Why Are You on a BIXI Today and How Far Are You Going?
Lucy rides a BIXI from our Bike Spotting BIXI. Photo by Tammy Thorne.

BIXI Toronto will begin relocating 17 stations starting this Saturday, November 26, 2011. On-street stations are being moved to prevent damage during snow removal. Stations with lower usage will also be relocated.

The City of Toronto and BIXI will place these existing stations at new locations outside of the current service area. Originally covering 8 square kilometres, BIXI users will get access to stations now covering 12 square kilometres, an expansion of 50%. The station at Phoebe Ave and Spadina will also grow with 24 new docking points added.

BIXI Toronto has reached 3936 members after only 6 months of service and riders have made 372,417 trips. BIXI Toronto is also reporting that the average number of trips per day has seen little decrease even as outside temperatures continue to fall. Toronto's bike-share system is up and running year around, the first system open all year in Canada.

BIXI Toronto station relocations are as follows:

From To
Shuter St/ Bond St SW corner Sherbourne/ Carlton (Allan Gardens)
CNE SW corner Trinity/ Front (Distillery)
Peter/ Queen SW corner Bathurst/ Queens Quay (Island Airport)
Duncan/ Queen NE corner Queen/ Van Auley
Mutual St/ Gould St SW corner corner Gould/ Mutual
Hayter St/ Bay St NE corner Euclid/ Bloor
Beverley St/ College St SE corner Bathurst/ Lennox
Beverley St/ Grange Ave SE corner Queen/ Portland
College St/ Roberts St NW corner College/ Major
Hoskin Ave/ Devonshire Pl SE corner Bloor/ Brunswick
Surrey Place/ Grovesnor Ave NE corner King St/ Princess Ave
Yonge St/ Dundonald St NE corner College St/ Borden
University Ave/ Richmond St SE corner Wellington St/ Portland St
Church St/ Granby Ave NW corner Church St/ Alexander St
University Ave / Charles St NE Bay St/ Scollard Ave
Mutual Ave/ Dundas NE corner Sherbourne St/ Wellesley St
Jarvis St/ Shuter Ave SE corner Bathurst St/ Dundas St

Stations will be moved on these days:


1. University Ave / Charles St
2. Peter / Queen
3. Mutual Ave / Dundas


1. Expansion of Phoebe Ave / Spadina Ave
2. College St / Roberts St
3. Church St / Granby Ave


1. Beverley St / Grange Ave
2. Jarvis St / Shuter Ave
3. Mutual St / Gould St


1. Hayter St / Bay St
2. Surrey Place / Grovesnor Ave
3. CNE


1. Shuter St / Bond St
2. Duncan / Queen
3. Yonge St / Dundonald St


1. University Ave / Richmond St
2. Beverley St / College St
3. Hoskin Ave / Devonshire PI


Earlier this summer our Bike Spotting team found that BIXI riders were already travelling outside of the service area: Why are you on a BIXI and how far are you going?

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2 responses to “BIXI Toronto expands coverage by 50%”

  1. duncan says:

    Glad to see the service inching ever closer to my neighbourhood. I’m hoping for more stations in the spring (if not sooner, of course).

  2. @kateRMT says:

    I live in Parkdale and I was really excited to see the CNE station installed.

    B’bye CNE station.

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