Relive the glory: Red Bull mini drome in pictures

Photo by Christopher Kaiser

In the heart of Evergreen Brick Works, next to the kilns that fired the bricks that built Toronto, 85 skilled and daring riders took on a steep and shrunken velodrome. With speeds reaching 35 km/h, on a track that appeared no larger than a suburban garage, the challenge was not only to set the best time but do so without slamming to the ground.

Johnny "Jet Fuel" Englar, made an appearance (racing a front rack-equipped single speed) as did many other legendary local riders from the days of the Human Powered Rollercoaster. But the big competition was Addison Zawada from Jacksonville, Florida who was also the Montreal mini drome champion.

Focus and determination on the face of Sour Fever BMX rider and rookie courier Ian Christensen. Photo Chris Kaiser

Jake Williams goes high and then gets low. Photos by Chris Kaiser

Sana Vallani (see her in dandyhorse Issue #3 "Hot Wheels") gave it a whirl. Photos by Tammy Thorne

One of the more dramatic exits. Photo Tammy Thorne

A snapped carbon seat post created new challenges for one local competitor, Terroni's Chef Maurizio. Photo Chris Kaiser

dandy photographer Christopher Kaiser and his post-race road rash. Photo Tammy Thorne

Kaiser on his wipe out:

"The whole thing took me by surprise. It was on my eighth lap and I think I got too ahead of myself. In the turn you want to be looking at where you want to be at the end of it, but I was looking too far ahead and before I knew it my front wheel was off the side and I slammed down. I thought I was going to fly out of the track for sure, but somehow stayed in and got to finish my last two qualifying laps.

(CHECK OUT the Red Bull video for more great wipes outs and our slideshow below!)

Dennis demonstrates that speed and style can go hand-in-hand on the mini drome. Photo Chris Kaiser.

We are looking forward to Harry's helmet cam footage on his new website "Blood and Waybills." Photo Tammy Thorne

Dangerous curves of the mini drome. Photo by Tammy Thorne

The crowd's unending enthusiasm fueled riders for a long day of racing. Photo Chris Kaiser

The women's winner, Eva Hoekstra, with new wheels. Photo Tammy Thorne

Final race with Addison Zawada of Jacksonville, FL (Orlando and Montreal winner) and Toronto's own Justin Soares. Photo Chris Kaiser

Addison takes the top prize, a custom-painted Cervelo frame. Photo Chris Kaiser

In first: Addison Zawada, Second: Justin Soares, and Third: Brad Brownie of Toronto. Photo Chris Kaiser

Justin Soares jumps into the crowd to celebrate. Photo Chris Kaiser

dandyhorse friend and MC for the awesome event: Nadir Olivet did a great job keeping the crowd and the racers going all day long! Photo by Chris Kaiser.

We hope the Red Bull Mini Drome will return to Toronto for 2012!

Faces of Determination. Photos by Jennifer Rong

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