Bike Spotting DIY: Where do you like to bike?

Submit your photo for our dandyhorse Bike Spotting series and tell us where your favourite place to ride is, and we'll post it here! These are some of the submissions we received so far.


Tom Polarbear: The Martin Goodman Trail, east and west, because it's mostly an off-road paved multi-use trail and is car-free. Plus you get to see lots of interesting people using it!

David: Island of Martha's Vineyard where my children and I live car-free.

Doug Vallery
: Lawrence Park - because it is quiet, with treed neighbourhoods, good cross-street integration and controlled access across major arteries. Plus, there's integration into the Don Valley bike path system in the Glendon and Sunnybrook areas.

Want to be featured in an upcoming Bike Spotting DIY? Go here to submit your photo and response.

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