Heels on Wheels: Listen to the new song I Love My Bike

Story and photo by Tammy Thorne

Who: Donna Kerbel
Singer, luXury Bob

i love my bike by luxury bob

Why did you write the song I Love My Bike?

Johnny McMullin decided the whole bike versus car thing was getting out of control here in Toronto and in the media and we were thinking; why can't we all just get along? I went over to his place to write and he had the concept for the song when I got there. You know, Johnny walks everywhere. He doesn't drive. He doesn't bike. He walks -- everywhere. He may begrudgingly take transit sometimes. I ride my bike three seasons, walk and take transit and cabs. My car is more of a necessary evil. It's for big hauls, humping gear and long distances. Riding is the best because I don't have to tangle with traffic -- which is really bad downtown. I can get there a lot faster. I love riding at night in the city when the streets are all mine and I can write lyrics in my head.

Do your ride in dresses and heels?

Yes, of course, I ride to gigs in my frocks and frills, but the heels can sometimes end up in the basket. Fluevogs -- which I'm wearing today -- are the best for riding in. (John Fluevog is also a cyclist.) I am actually working on a song called “In my Fluevogs” now.

What's your commute like?

I have my favourite sneaky routes to take me to Johnny's or the studio or to Kensington Market to shop that avoid most of the main streets. I prefer alleyways and side streets. Unfortunately, there are no bike lanes on Queen or Dundas.

What are you working on now/upcoming projects?

We have a gig tonight (Friday September 16) at Winston's bar at 288 Eglinton Ave West. We’re just firming up gigs at The Press Club and The Gladstone. We did the August car-free Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market and it was a blast!

luxurybob.ca and sonicbids.com/luxurybob

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