Heels on Wheels: Dufflet Rosenberg

By Tammy Thorne
Photo by Yvonne Bambrick

In anticipation of our delicious FOOD issue we bring you a fresh Heels on Wheels with Toronto’s own Queen of Cake: Dufflet Rosenberg

Who: Dufflet Rosenberg

What: Queen of Cake (aka proprietor of Dufflet Pastries)

Where: 787 Queen Street West, Dufflet Pastries flagship retail shop

You've been a big supporter of bicycle advocacy in the city and donate proceeds from the Tour de Dufflet to the Toronto Cyclists Union. Why did you choose the Bike Union?

With the City cutting back on Bike Month activities, we chose to support the Toronto Cyclists Union this year because they speak up for all cyclists in all parts of Toronto.

Why did you start the Tour de Dufflet?

We wanted to encourage more people to ride their bicycles, with a sweet reason! It’s the perfect circuit around Toronto, with a reward at every stop on the way.

Did you watch the Tour de France this year?

Yes. The Pyrenees are always my favourite part having cycled there a few years ago, breathtaking views! Aerial coverage of the Tour is amazing.

What the furthest you've ever ridden on a bike?

My partner and I travel somewhere different in Europe and North America every fall with our tandem bicycle. There have been a few very long days – 150 km – with challenging climbs. Mont Ventoux in France was by far the most difficult ride I ever experienced, more the downhill than the climb.

Tell us about your bicycle please? Do you transport sweets in it?

I have a vintage 1964 Moulton – a British bicycle designed by Sir Alex Moulton – which has been restored by my partner Martin Kohn. I’ve had it for 30 years and it’s still going strong. (It helps when you live with your mechanic!) I sometimes take along pastries for friends and dinner parties.

How often do you ride? What is your commute like?

I try to cycle to work in Etobicoke when weather permits. It’s a 10 km ride from home, with a mixed bag of conditions along Queen Street West, The Queensway and the Humber bike path. I often take the Lakeshore bike path home although the paths can sometimes be as hazardous as the roads with high bicycle, roller blade and pedestrian traffic.

Have you ever ridden your bike to a gala event? Have you ever worn heels while riding?

I have taken my bike to galas as Dufflet Pastries supports many local annual events like Luminato, Toronto Taste and Eat to the Beat. I’m not a big fan of heels, but if they’re needed to complete an outfit, I usually just bring a change of shoes with me and ride my bike in flats.

What would you do to improve cycling in the city?

Stop removing bike lanes! And expand the West Toronto Railpath. I think both cyclists and drivers need to increase their awareness of what’s around them.

What's your favourite food (other than cake, of course!)?

Pasta – I cannot live without noodles.

What is your favourite pastry?

That’s a difficult question. I love vanilla cake (from Dufflet, of course) but also Mille Feuille, which I will travel far and wide to find.

What is your favourite summertime food?

Ontario peaches.

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