Bicycle Spectacles: Behind the scenes

dandyhorse Volume 4, Issue No. 1 rolls out in May.

This is a sneak peak at some cycling chic captured in photographer Mike Ford's Toronto studio.

This "lovely librarian" is off to return her books safely and in style, with the spring breeze in her hair and nary a care -- except for those late fines. Certainly, someone like her would never run a red light. Even though her skirt screams "look out!" she rides with caution.

Conjuring the spirit of advice columnists Prudence and Delilah of dandyhorse Polite Pedaller fame, this photo shoot couples with our pedal etiquette experts to caution against distracted riding.

Read more in our Spring 2011 issue of dandyhorse about the making of this bicycle spectacle ~ and how you too can ride safely and in style.

Special thanks to Josephson's opticians and Biria bikes and model Casie Brown from Worn.

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