Bike Spotting: Do you shop on Bloor?

The Bloor Bike Lane pilot project has been installed for about six months now. Since its installation local businesses have cited a drop in sales because of the loss of on street parking.The city released a survey last week to gauge the public's reception of the long awaited lane. But we didn't feel like waiting around to hear  the results. So we popped down to Spadina Ave and Bloor  St to see what people were up to themselves.


"I live near Christie Pits and I ride my bike and walk pretty much everywhere within a one hour radius. I use Bloor a lot and as you can see I've got my shopping bag and am about to go pick up some groceries on my way home. That being said I could go on and on about the Bloor bike lane  and how it's not good enough. There is the added danger of passengers opening their doors into the lane who aren't used to it. It's so dangerous. It's much better when the lane is on the outside of the parking."
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When exploring is part of the job

 This is a personal essay by Doug Howat. He delivers food by bicycle and says that being freed from the burden of choice means exploring is literally part of the job.
I earn my living on a bicycle. At the behest of an app on my smart phone I carry food on the back of my bike from restaurants to people. It is not glamorous, and I took the job for money, but while riding for a paycheck I found something else. Exercise and a chance to spend my days outside, yes. But even better is the chance to explore. Every day on my bike provides another lesson about the city I’ve lived in all my life.

Taking directions from an app is a different experience than wandering on my own. There is a pleasing mindlessness to it. Exploring is a part of the job, an externality. Because the time is not mine I am freed from the burden of choice. At any moment I am simply where I am with no thought of being anywhere else. It’s a bit like a digitally guided roller coaster through the city, I just strap in and ride along.

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Bring on the Data!

Image - Bloor Street Pilot Metrics 

Bring on the Data!
Story by Robert Zachowski

This story was originally posted on Robert's blog Two-Wheeled Politics

Throughout my years in cycling advocacy, I gained an understanding about how external factors such as budget funding, design guidelines, inspiration from other cities, and partnerships with residents, businesses, schools, and community groups can influence road safety improvements. Another area Toronto must improve on is data collection in determining how effective cycling projects are. During the Winter Cycling Congress in Montréal (see recap and Montréal cycling posts), I attended their “A Matter of Data” workshop to learn about data collection in Anchorage, Montréal, and Ottawa.

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Bike Spotting in the Yucatan Mexico

Bike Spotting in the Yucatan Mexico

Photos Lisa Logan
Text Andrew Frontini

Lisa and Andrew bike every day in Toronto and travel the world taking photos and, well, looking at other peoples bikes. Here are some observations from their recent trip to Mexico. Lisa is a photographer who contributes to dandyhorse.

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We’re all just a bunch of weirdos to Bruce McDonald

 Image courtesy of Shadow Shows

Review: Bruce McDonald's Weirdos

Written by Cayley James

You might ask yourself why a bike magazine is reviewing a film about two hitchhiking teens? Well: It was made by Toronto-based director, and cyclist, Bruce McDonald. And the film’s central themes of self discovery, self expression, exploration and escape are things we can really get behind here at dandyhorse. Plus, there’s a character named Beans who is seen early on riding a banana seat bicycle. That’s pretty cool.

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