How many cyclists have to be on Bloor for city councillors to make the bike lane permanent?

Do the numbers matter or is safety still trumped by cars, parking, and attitudes?

by Albert Koehl and Chris Caputo

Are the number of cyclists on Harbord and Bloor high enough to justify a bike lane on both streets? Are too many single-occupant cars still taking up too much precious downtown road space? Are cycling numbers on Bloor sufficient to justify the reduction of on-street parking? New numbers from our May 17, 2017 bike (and related) counts provide strong evidence for answering each question with “yes.” The numbers may help the cause of Bloor cyclists but as Toronto cyclists know, their safety, regardless of their numbers, isn’t usually enough to motivate city decision-makers to act in their favour.

It’s unclear how many cyclists have to be on Bloor for city councillors to make the bike lane permanent. The city now claims to (really) care about the safety of vulnerable road users like cyclists but there are lots of things some councillors care about much more, including the apparent right to drive solo into the downtown and to park in front of a store on Bloor. And when it comes to attitudes, cyclists continue to fight uphill battles against motorists who look down on them from a high moral ground.

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Bells on Bloor Bike Count Report May 26 2017

Bells on Bloor BIKE Count Report 2017 05 26

This report goes with the story "How many cyclists have to be on Bloor for city councillors to make the bike lane permanent?"


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Dowling Avenue Bike Lane: Connecting Parkdale to the Waterfront

Artist's rendring of the Dowling bikelane - courtesy of the City of Toronto

Following up on the city's proposed bike lane that will connect Parkdale denizens to the waterfront. 

Story by Robert Zaichowski

On Wednesday, May 17, Councillor Gord Perks hosted a second public meeting with regard to establishing a cycling route on Dowling Street to help Parkdale cyclists access the Waterfront. It serves as the missing link between the Sorauren Avenue bicycle route and the Dowling pedestrian and cycling bridge, which completed installation in summer 2016.

The first meeting on September 22, 2016 presented a southbound contraflow bike lane from Queen to King Streets. The City’s current guidelines require one way streets to be at least 6.8 metres wide in order to accommodate a contraflow bike lane and maintain parking on one side. Dowling – like many other Parkdale one-way streets – is approximately 6.0 metres wide; meaning a contraflow bike lane there would have required the removal of 32 parking spots. Some planters were also included in the initial proposal to improve aesthetics.

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June is Bike Month in Canada


Bike events across Canada celebrate everything velo!

If you'd like dandyhorse to cover your bike event, drop us a line at

by Cayley James

Toronto -- Toronto’s Bike Month has evolved from a single Bike to Work Day in 1998 to become one of the largest events of its kind in the country. Bike Month is organized by the City of Toronto and the Cycle Toronto (formerly Toronto Cyclists Union). The evolution has seen it grow throughout the Golden Horseshoe in multiple municipalities that includes; HamiltonMississaugaBramptonBurlingtonCaledon,  as well as the Durham and York regions. Although there have been events smattered throughout the Month of May the lionshare of events will take place in June.
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