Bike Spotting on King and Spadina

Bike Spotting on King at Spadina

We asked cyclists: What do you think about the possibility of a pedestrian mall with transit priority (aka a transit mall) here on King?


I don’t drive on King Street anyway, it’s crazy.

Liberty Village, I feel sorry for them, they can’t get down here because the streetcars are too full.

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Q&A with Ward 20 Candidate Albert Koehl

Koehl is second from left with some members of his campaign ‘bike brigade’ above.

Q&A with Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina candidate – and champion for cyclists and pedestrians – Albert Koehl

Toronto municipal election is on Oct. 27

Albert Koehl is an environmental lawyer, cycling advocate, and adjunct professor. He is currently running to be City Councillor for Ward 20 in downtown Toronto, which was vacated when long-time councillor Adam Vaughan moved to federal politics. Koehl is a contributor to dandyhorse so we decided to turn the mic on him and ask him why he’s running for council and what he would do for the people of Ward 20 if he is elected to office.

Why are you running? What would you do to make Ward 20 better for residents?

We have a historic opportunity to build a new transport system based on clean transit, supplemented by cycling and walking. We know the status quo doesn’t work – and it’s not just because of traffic congestion. How people and goods get from A to B isn’t complex, but it has become a major burden given our reliance on the most inefficient vehicles. The question our traffic planners always ask is how will we move cars and trucks. It’s the wrong question.

We have to get them to ask: “How do we best move people and goods?”

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Biking to work: the good, the bad and the ugly

Biking to work: the good, the bad and the ugly 

Guest blog by Josh Varickanickal

I finally went full hipster. I now ride a bike to work.

For the last few years, I have been reverse commuting to work (out of Toronto in the morning and back in the evening). I recently switched employers and now work downtown. So, I bought a Metropass — but after one too many delays and packed TTC subway rides, I decided to purchase a bike instead. I bought a well-used and affordable set of wheels from an University of Toronto graduate student and have been seeing the city from a new perspective ever since.

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Harbord and Shaw streets by bike for the first time

Harbord and Shaw intersection on a beautiful sunny fall day.

Harbord and Shaw streets for the first time: destination Trinity Bellwoods park

This is the fourth story in a continuing series about being a new cyclist in Toronto.

Story and photos by Jenna Campbell

I knew Harbord Street’s bike lane was popular and that it has been going through a series of modifications. The only thing I was told about Shaw Street was that the road is a wee bit bumpy.

I have never travelled either, and my first time riding in this bike lanes was on a recent sunny Sunday. I’m lucky to have snagged the good weather when I did, sandwiched between all these rain-filled days.

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Sketchy the Clown for mayor: “Don’t vote for me”

Sketchy the Clown for mayor: “Don’t vote for me”
One candidate’s take on bikes in the city

Interview and photos by Jenna Campbell

We recently posted our dandy mayoral primer to let readers where some of the candidates stand on bikes. Sketchy the Clown is not a serious candidate — he’s a clown everyone — but he is serious about cyclist safety in the city, so we thought we’d share the full interview for fun.

Don’t forget to vote on Oct. 27. 

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