Let’s Talk About Laneways

Let's Talk About Laneways ... and why they are no substitute for a bike lane network

New 'Laneways as Bikeways' project draws ire from some in the cycling community

Story and photos by Robert Zaichkowski. ~ Originally posted in Two Wheeled Politics. ~

Laneways have been getting a lot of attention in Toronto lately. There's the ongoing push to allow secondary homes to be built on top of laneway garages to help address Toronto’s housing shortage, while many laneway garages showcase all kinds of wonderful murals. One laneway I sometimes use as a shortcut to the Parkdale Library called Milky Way, is home to a community garden owned by the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust.

Milky Way laneway in Parkdale

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Bike Spotting: What’s your favourite bike lane?

On a glorious July afternoon we set up camp at St. George and Bloor to ask folks what their favourite bike lane is in the city.


Adelaide. I like the separation they have with the planters on the west side of the city. It provides a lot of space where cyclists can ride side by side and pass each other if need be. Also drivers seem to respect no parking in the lane.

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New waterfront park at Ontario Place

Despite the high water levels, riding along the shoreline of Lake Ontario just got that much sweeter.

View of Lake Ontario from the new Trillium Park.

Trillium Park, the city’s newest park, and the William G. Davis Trail, the new multi-use paved trail which winds through the park, is open to the public and a beautiful addition to the waterfront. Located to the west of downtown, on former industrial lands connected to Ontario Place, the trail connects seamlessly to the existing Martin Goodman trail, providing cyclists, runners, and walkers respite from the whizzing cars along Lakeshore Drive. The new Trillium Park is a lush green space, with smooth-as-butter pavement, shaded rest areas and one of the best views of the downtown skyline Toronto has to offer.

Joey Schwartz of the Toronto Bicycle Network attended the launch of the new park and also enjoyed riding the trail. He shared these photos with us.

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Ride Your Bike Denim is made for you


by Cayley James

As a city cyclist there are certain inevitabilities you have to live with. There is a very high chance that you’ll get doored, have your bike stolen, and that all of your favourite pairs of jeans will wear out in the crotch. In recent years there have been attempts to make stylish cycling-friendly jeans. But more often than not they’re geared towards men. Women are left with sub-par products.

Enter Chadel Bodner and RYB Denim. (RYB stands for Ride Your Bike.) Bodner designs jeans that are made with women in mind with a patented double lined gusset that are guaranteed not to wear out.

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