Velo Aquatico

Velo Aquatico is an exhibit of fish themed art, both static and kinetic sculptures, as well as other pieces, all fabricated from bike parts. It is the work of Alberto di Ciccio.

Alberto was hard to miss during the annual group commute, where he was riding a shark, which was quite different than jumping the shark.

This is probably the only shark you'll ever see with a kickstand.

Onto his show at  at Mezzrow's Pub in Parkdale.

Here is a school of metallic fish. Something about a fish not needing a bicycle comes to mind.

Caged ball bearings for eyes!

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The perfect commuter: Clare Barry and her every day bike

This article was originally published in dandyhorse issue 3.

The perfect commuter

Clare Barry ~ One of the joys of my day is commuting to and from work on my bike. I can carry all I need and navigate very easily as the brakes, lever to shift gears and bell are all positioned correctly. The frame is lightweight so it maneuvers easily, while handling rough spots and rail tracks well due to the wider rims and tires. One rear pannier holds my workbag and in the other I carry a change of clothes, lunch and the occasional baguette.

Story and photo by Marco Sobrevinas

Mike Barry was my first mentor in cycling. His ideas and style have influenced my cycling preferences. A bike he built graced the cover of the second issue of dandyhorse, where he was featured prominently. Toward the end of the article, he talks about the ideal bicycle for commuting: “The bike you ride should be functional and efficient, but shouldn’t be fancy.” With this in mind Barry built his wife the perfect commuter bike — Clare Barry is posing with her custom Mariposa in this photo, which she’s been riding in downtown Toronto since 1986. Want one like Barry built? Here’s what you need to know:

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