International Bike Spotting – Jenn in Oshawa on biking while pregnant

 To help us get through the next couple of colder months, dandyhorse is profiling cyclists from around the world! Folks who love to cycle here in Toronto and further afield will give us insight into what it's like to cycle in their cities. 
Jenn in Oshawa on biking while pregnant
What do you wear while winter biking in the 'shaw?
Here I am in my current cycling outfit mid commute. I'm not one to like wearing bulky layers so today I really felt like a Sherpa. It was a chilly day so I had to layer up. My base layer is an Icebreaker shirt with longjohns and wool socks.
I'm running out of appropriate clothes to wear so I feel like I am just putting on anything these days just to keep the heat in. I really wish they made maternity cycling wear for all seasons.

I am now 20 weeks pregnant and doing really well. Though today I noticed a bit more difficulty with the structure and fit of my bike. My handlebars need to be moved up to accommodate my growing belly. I need to ride more like Mary Poppins.

Another challenge is that I am starting to feel a bit more winded especially on hills. However if I take my time, it feels a lot better.  I remind myself to leave early for this reason.


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Vision Zero Comes To Toronto

Image from the City of Toronto 

Vision Zero Comes To Toronto 

By Taylor Moyle

No loss of life is acceptable. This is the mantra behind Vision Zero, an international movement started in Sweden in 1994 to eliminate traffic fatalities.

The City of Toronto’s own Vision Zero road safety plan was announced Tuesday, January 10, 2017, by Mayor John Tory and Public Works Chair, Councillor Jaye Robinson. Toronto’s road safety plan also aims for zero road deaths, which is in stark contrast to the 43 pedestrian and cyclists who were killed last year, the 65 people killed in our streets in 2015 and the 1,165 pedestrians injured in collisions.

Councillor Robinson (Ward 25) says, “No loss of life is acceptable in our city and we want to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries to zero as soon as we can – today, tomorrow, next month. We can't get to zero soon enough.”

The plan is expected to roll out over the next five years. In 2017, the City is planning on initiating nine actions across Toronto. These include plans for seniors, school children, pedestrians and cyclists. Between 2005 and 2016, there were 539 cyclists killed or seriously injured in a collision with a motor vehicle according to the City’s Vision Zero portal.

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New cafe Fix Coffee + Bikes grand opening celebration Jan 18!

New cafe Fix Coffee + Bikes will celebrate its opening on January 18 to attend to all your coffee and biking needs. 

Words by Cayley James

Photos Courtesy of Fred Sztabinski

For all you caffeine obsessed cyclists out there (and I know there's a few of you) make sure to add Fix to your map of bike friendly coffee spots. They're a coffee bar, bike shop and bike gallery, all under one roof at 80 Gladstone Avenue, between Queen and Dundas. The multi purpose space will see them doing specialty coffee and teas, in-house baked goods, selling everyday city bikes and smart bike accessories. While also providing full service in our repair shop!

The grand opening of the cafe and gallery will take place Wednesday, January 18th, from 7-10pm. Come for some beer, food, music and appreciation of all things bike and coffee. Until then they're open for business with full free service in the bike shop until Saturday, January 14. Pop by and say hi if you can!

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Q & A With Cathy Crowe

Illustration by Steve Murray

Q & A with Cathy Crowe

Story by Tammy Thorne

This story is from a previous issue of dandyhorse magazine. Cathy Crowe is now currently trying to get the City of Toronto to open up the armouries for the homeless people during the winter. Crowe started a petition which can be signed here. Read on to see what Crowe has to say about biking in relation to Torontonians with low income.  

Cathy Crowe is a street nurse and housing advocate who has worked in and around Canada’s first and largest social housing community, Regent Park, for decades. Crowe co-founded the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee in 1998 in an effort to have homelessness declared a national emergency. The social housing advocate took a few minutes to talk transit (and bike sharing and bedbugs) with dandyhorse while riding the 504 Kingstreetcar en route to baby-sit her grandsons, who, she says, love to ride their trikes.

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Not All Priority Bikes Lanes are Being Cleared After Snowfall: City Cyclist


City Cyclist has put together another video for your viewing pleasure – and for educational purposes for our friends at the City of Toronto who promised to keep a number of priority bike lanes cleared. Turns out they haven’t been very consistent in the clearing process this year according to reports on Facebook and this video. (With the fancy cycle track on Sherbourne being one exception, perhaps.)

In Part 1, he rides through the snow squall that Toronto had a few weeks back. Looks like it was a real adventure!

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