Spotted: Bike corral parking on Spadina Avenue

What: On street bike corral parking.

Where: On Spadina Avenue in front of the Robertson Building, just south of Dundas Street.

Why we love it: The city always needs more bike parking! This stretch of sidewalk on Spadina Avenue is always packed with locked bikes, so this corral will definitely be well loved.

Bike corral installation on Spadina


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Spotted: Luis Jacob installation in the Dufferin underpass

What: Art installation, “Spirits of the Grotto” by Luis Jacob

Where: Dufferin underpass, just north off of Queen St. West

When: Evening of May 18, 2012

Why we like it: Luis Jacob is a cyclist about town, who we profiled in our “pantless” issue from the Summer/Fall 2010

You can see our 2010 interview with Jacob here.

We also really like the “eyes on the street” feel that the installation invokes.

Man on the moon eyes on the street?

Photos by Manny Perez.

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Bellwoods Bike Spotting

dandyhorse did some Bike Spotting in Trinity Bellwoods Park this week and asked:

Could these park paths be improved? 

Interviews by Kaitlyn Kochany / Photos by  Tammy Thorne

Dara Klug: I’m more concerned about the roads. I’m a cyclist and a driver, and sometimes there isn’t enough room for both …For me, riding through the park isn’t really an issue.

Murat Tasan: My biggest concern is usually other cyclists who just go buzzing by. To other cyclists, I would say say, smile and slow down. [Re: Path improvements] There are better battles to choose. I’d pick improving dangerous intersections over fixing up paths.

Like the King Street underpass – there’s nowhere for cyclists to go and when drivers try to pass the streetcar in the underpass, and there’s a cyclist there, well, it’s not good…

[You can check out our Bike Spotting session with photographer Charlie Randall from the King Street underpass here.]

Morgan O’Reilly: I think the paths could be marked more clearly…sometimes joggers with headphones don’t hear you …there’s the sidewalk right here, and the path on the other side, so this [middle strip of pavement] seems like it’s for cyclists.

I never ride through the playground. I feel like that’s a “no go” zone for cyclists. 

Michael Barclay and Leonard: Yeah, I’ve never understood what that [gravel path] is. And I’ve never seen anyone bike through the playground.

It would probably be good to have something more like the Martin Goodman trail, that delineates between fast- and slow- moving traffic.  Also, that blind curve [points to bushy path  around south end of dog bowl] should be widened.

The park gets pretty busy during commuting times. We are just out for fun, doing a few laps around the park. Our family is a Cycle Toronto member.

dandyhorse and will be back in Bellwoods again looking for more people who pedal with their pooches and asking about how park paths can play a part in our bikeway system.

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Bike Spotting: How would you make the Danforth safer?

This Bike Spotting originally appeared in our Spring 2011 issue of dandyhorse.

dandyARCHIVE–How would you make the Danforth safer?

Photos by Nana Arbova, interviews by Tammy Thorne

Debora Puricelli: I recommend that everyone have a lighthearted view on the road. If drivers are happy when they see us, we can all share the road together.

Devin O’Brien: Obviously a bike lane.

Kerri Anderson: Fix up the potholes!

Kassa Dabreo: The Danforth is a rough ride. A lot of bike people use this road – there are too many potholes and no bike lanes.

Lisa Druchok: We need more enforcement of cars stopping behind the white line at stop signs. We need better road maintenance of the fringe we’re supposed to ride in.

Simon Griffith: It would be nice to have a thoroughfare on a side street.

To read more about The Danforth and cycling safely, read the excerpt from On the Danforth magazine “Changing Lanes: Envisioning safer cycling in our community.”

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Spotted: Smallest. Basket. Ever.

What: Smallest bike basket ever.

Where/When: Queen West at Brock in Parkdale/ April 19, 2012

Why: It’s adorable.

Sadly, there was a tiny bit of rubbish – a gum wrapper – in this tiny, fey basket. And so it would seem, that even the smallest-of-them-all isn’t exempt from these endemic litter-specific bike hate crimes plaguing our city.

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