Bike Spotting for Bikeability in Toronto Part Three

Bike Spotting for Bikeability in Toronto Pt. III: Promo for Safety Issue

dandyhorse’s Safety Issue isn’t due out until later this month, but here’s a sneak peek to tide you over until then.

For this Bike Spotting series we talked to cyclists at Bayview and Blythwood, Dupont Triangle, Queen and Cameron, York University, the Danforth and Chester, Regent Park and Queen and Dufferin, to hear some of the safety concerns cyclists throughout the city have.

We asked: Do you feel safe biking here? What would you to to make it safer?

These Bike Spottings were done to compliment original research by U of T on bikeable neighbourhoods in the city, which will be featured in our new issue.

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Interviews by Sarah Greene and Amelia Brown

Chenelle Atkinson (The Big Carrot, Chester and The Danforth) Photo by Yvonne Bambrick

Whether or not I feel safe depends a lot on the traffic. Maybe if the cars weren’t driving so close to me. We just need a little more room for the bikers please. I think cycling should really be considered more important in the grand scheme of things.


Jill Connell (The Dupont Triangle, Dupont and Dundas) Photo by Vic Gedris

Yeah, this intersection is okay, I mean I’ve never had trouble at this intersection. I live close to here. I find Dundas and College more problematic because people don’t obey the stop sign there. I guess maybe a traffic light would help. When you’re cycling in Toronto, it sometimes seems like nobody’s really paying attention, drivers or cyclists. There’s a lot of people disobeying the infrastructure it seems.


Peter Low (Sunnybrook Hospital, Bayview and Blythwood) Photo by Tammy Thorne

The lanes are far too narrow here, and it’s a speed zone as you can plainly see. If I’m going home tonight, I will have to fight this traffic. I will not ride on the sidewalk because it’s illegal, but I don’t feel safe cycling on Bayview.

We need to start with education, it’s probably not going to happen in our lifetime, but for the next generation, cycling safety should be made part of the curriculum in schools.

This area is completely car-centric. I’ve lived here for 27 years and there’s been no change. I know that the local councillor is a believer in complete streets. If anything, they have to stop talking and start acting. Start doing something we can see, whether it be bike lanes or sharrows or enforcement of lower traffic speeds. But again it’s not going to happen, we’ll just be talking till the cows come home.


Debbie Courchene (Regent Park) Photo by Yvonne Bambrick

It’s alright. There are a lot of jerks who don’t pay attention to pedestrian signs around here, and that’s kind of frustrating. A lot of people blow right past this intersection, people are inconsiderate or in too much of a rush. That’s the only real issue I have. The roads are mostly clear and I go up through Cabbagetown and it’s quite calm.


Josh Cross (Scarborough, Victoria Park Ave. and the Gatineau Hydro Bikeway Corridor) Photo by Heather Reid

Yeah, I think it’s alright, the only threat to my safety is myself, right? I mean it’s not really anybody else’s fault if I get into a crash or anything like that when I’m riding on the sidewalk. I think it’s pretty safe though. I never really bike on the roads, I think that would be a lot more dangerous. I do notice a lot of people biking around here though.


Juan Hernandez (York University, The Pond and Sentinel) Photo by Heather Reid

Yeah, I absolutely feel safe. It’s the first time I’ve been around here with my bicycle and you have cycling lanes on some streets. Otherwise, the traffic is not to bad.


Jamie Hand (York University, The Pond and Sentinel) Photo by Heather Reid

No, I don’t feel safe because of all the construction with the new subway that’s coming to the university. If anybody wants to ride on Steeles from Jane anywhere up to Keele, you’re close to traffic and you feel like you’re being squeezed like a pancake. Because of the construction a lot of the bike lanes have been cut back until the subway has been built and that could be another two years.

I think they should put more bike lanes in, that should be the number one priority. It’s been a big problem because the city hasn’t had that much infrastructure for many years.



Special thanks to Vic Gedris, Heather Reid and Yvonne Bambrick. If you’d like to see more of their beautiful photos, buy the Safety issue of dandyhorse.

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