Bikespotting: Dupont Street

Interviews and photos by Kaitlyn Kochany 

We biked up to where Dupont Street, Dundas Street West and Annette Street meet and asked cyclists what it’s like to bike on Dupont Street. There have been rumblings that City Hall is considering phasing out the Dupont bike lane, so we wanted to hit the streets and find out what the bike lane means to cyclists.

Kristin W.: It would not be good  if they removed the bike lane. I definitely appreciate the fact that there are bike lanes on Dupont. It’s such a busy street. There’s a lot of industrial traffic so it’s really important that they keep the Dupont bike lane. It’s the only way to safe it’s safe to bike on Dupont.

Theo T.: I bike along Dupont three or four times a week. It’s a pretty busy road. It’s very bumpy and torn up.

Duncan W.:  I’m pretty disgusted, honestly. I think the more bike lanes the better. It encourages people to bike. It’s a sensible, forward thinking policy that the rest of the world has already caught on to. But our administration is somewhat different.

Rebecca B.: I use the Dupont bike lanes every day. I never feel safe under the bridge (on Dupont Street, just west of Olster Street).  I think they should improve the bike lane and it make safer rather than phasing it out. 


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