Bike Spotting: Is there strength in numbers?

This Bike Spotting originally appeared in Volume 3, Issue 1. 

dandyARCHIVE: Is there strength in numbers?

Photos by  Frank Theriault    

Ted Ingram: For commuting it’s good to have numbers on the street. But we have to be careful when riding together as a group, of the mob mentality.

Susan Reid: More visibility means greater safety – I like to see bikes all year round. That way cars are more aware and don’t forget to share the road.


Vanessa Marion-Merrit: Yes – it’s essential! The more bikes on the road, the more people have to recognize cyclists’ safety.

Baolinh Dang: Yes, especially in winter when there’s not as many cyclists on the street. With more and more cyclists, maybe we’ll have more right of way.

Petar Messic: Seeing more cyclists educates drivers and raises their awareness. Drivers need to take precautions.

Toby Spunt: Yes – the more people biking, the better it is! Less cars, less pollution, more awareness on the part of drivers.

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