Bike Spotting: Jarvis ~ Ride for Jarvis June 13

Interviews and photos by Tammy Thorne and Samantha Edwards

Bike Spotting: Did you know that the Jarvis Street Bike Lane is going to be removed?

Oops we did it again! We rolled on down to Jarvis to ask cyclists: “Did you know the mayor is planning to remove this bike lane?” It’s stupid and costly to remove bike lanes. In dandyhorse’s upcoming youth-and-employment issue we’ve got quotes from municipal leaders all over the world saying, “We want more bike lanes!” Meanwhile, our mayor is wasting money and creating dangerous streets.

Cycle Toronto is hosting a ride to Save Jarvis on Wednesday June 13 at 6 p.m.. Check it out on Facebook …

Clemence Lhoyer and Aurelier Lemaire

We like to bike here, especially on the Toronto Islands. (Clemence is from Montreal and Aurelier from Belgium.) We are doing an architectural tour of Toronto, mapped carefully, using BIXI. It is very nice. There are not very many bike lanes on our routes though. This one is in a good place, as it leads to others, like this one up there [College] and also that way [Gerrard]. You also have the Gardens here and the ballet school up there, and this BIXI station, so it makes sense to have it here.

Nathan Gyeteai

Well, they put it in one day and remove it the next it seems. We have a right to be on the roads, anyway. I mean a bike lane is nice, but if it’s not there we will still ride. What I do find scary though is how agressive some drivers are towards cyclists. Most people are nice and give you space, but some will speed right at you. It’s unsettling. It doesn’t make sense to remove a bike lane though, because people will still keep biking here. In any urban setting, anywhere, people are going to bike whether you [or the mayor] like it or not.

Lucas Meilech-Boston

It’s fun going down Jarvis, but it would be more fun if you had shocks on your bike because it’s pretty bumpy. But it’s a nice shot downtown. It’s pretty crappy that they are taking out the bike lane. I guess they are supposedly putting in a separated lane on Sherbourne, but removing this is costing the city a ridiculous amount of money and I don’t see any reason to ever remove a bike lane. P.S. I just got this new wheel at Urbane!

Liz Brockest

I think that’s bullshit. I think it sucks to remove a bike lane. It’s making the city more dangerous and more inaccessible. I bike to work every day. It’s good for the environment, it’s good for my health, and removing bike lanes just creates unsafe conditions because we are all going to bike anyway.

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