Bellwoods Bike Spotting

dandyhorse did some Bike Spotting in Trinity Bellwoods Park this week and asked:

Could these park paths be improved? 

Interviews by Kaitlyn Kochany / Photos by  Tammy Thorne

Dara Klug: I’m more concerned about the roads. I’m a cyclist and a driver, and sometimes there isn’t enough room for both …For me, riding through the park isn’t really an issue.

Murat Tasan: My biggest concern is usually other cyclists who just go buzzing by. To other cyclists, I would say say, smile and slow down. [Re: Path improvements] There are better battles to choose. I’d pick improving dangerous intersections over fixing up paths.

Like the King Street underpass – there’s nowhere for cyclists to go and when drivers try to pass the streetcar in the underpass, and there’s a cyclist there, well, it’s not good…

[You can check out our Bike Spotting session with photographer Charlie Randall from the King Street underpass here.]

Morgan O’Reilly: I think the paths could be marked more clearly…sometimes joggers with headphones don’t hear you …there’s the sidewalk right here, and the path on the other side, so this [middle strip of pavement] seems like it’s for cyclists.

I never ride through the playground. I feel like that’s a “no go” zone for cyclists. 

Michael Barclay and Leonard: Yeah, I’ve never understood what that [gravel path] is. And I’ve never seen anyone bike through the playground.

It would probably be good to have something more like the Martin Goodman trail, that delineates between fast- and slow- moving traffic.  Also, that blind curve [points to bushy path  around south end of dog bowl] should be widened.

The park gets pretty busy during commuting times. We are just out for fun, doing a few laps around the park. Our family is a Cycle Toronto member.

dandyhorse and will be back in Bellwoods again looking for more people who pedal with their pooches and asking about how park paths can play a part in our bikeway system.

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  1. Mark says:

    I wrote a blog post about this a couple years ago when there was yet another ‘plan’ to do something about the paths for cyclists here.

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