Bike Boxes Bikespotting

Photos by Justin Robertson

Interviews by Tammy Thorne and Leila Kent

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Do you use these bike boxes?

Osman Yusuf

For turning left: I love them!! As opposed to sort  of having to weave in… I feel uncomfortable in between lanes on the street and it makes it easier to turn left, like a car, instead of turning into a pedestrian.


Kelly Crossthwaite

I do use them and I think they are great. It helps the flow.

In Copenhagen the bike lanes are as wide as car lanes and it’s just normal there for cyclists to have the right of way. In Amsterdam the bike always have the right of way. I was shocked when I saw all the red bike lanes and that big trucks were stopping to give cyclists the right-of-way.


Allain Saleh

I do use them. I think there is abit of confusion as to how to use them. Are people supposed to pile into the middle or go to the right. It doesn’t seem like they are being used to their full potential. We need more education around them. An advanced green at busy interesction would work. Drivers need to be educated as sometimes they get frustrated and honk when you are in front.


Laure Dahout

They is great. It’s hard to make a left turn. But I was not aware of their existance. I dont use them because this is my first time riding a bike here. I’m from France and working at the French Consolate. It’s similar to ridingin France here except for the streetcar tracks. We don’t have streetcars so there are no tracks, which is easier… but traffic is crazy in France.

It’s important to position yourself properly when you are going to make a left turn or a right.

James McKee

I use them twice a day every day. I think they are great. I believe they are well used and respected by car traffic. It’s important to me because I sometimes have kids in the back.

It’s nice because it is a choice location. I see it socializes people to the bikes on the road.
I live at St Clair and bathurst and can’t imagine a bike box working there. Take any other city in the world that supports bike infrastructure, and you will see that they work. I mean, they could be painted green. All along Harbord we could also have those bike parking spots like they do in Montreal, right in the street. (Read about Bike Corrals in dandyhorse here.)

Read our recent dandyBLOG post about Bike Boxes in Toronto here.

dandyhorse would like to remind our readers to remind all of their cycling friends to never squeeze by on the right of a motor vehichle.

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