What do you think of the bike bumps on Roncey?

by Leila Kent and Tammy Thorne

We asked cyclists on a cold February afternoon if they like the bicycle “bump ups” on Roncesvalles.

You can see our first Roncey Bike Spotting, with reactions to the then brand new bicycle bumps, here.

Tracey Giberson: To me they’re not really a designated bike space but a place where bikes merge with pedestrians unexpectedly.

I was a courier in the 90s so I know how hard it can be to find space on the road. The problem is that pedestrians waiting for the streetcar seem to be in la-la land with their headphones in, and they don’t expect bikes to be there when they step out on to the bump. It’s the same kind of problem with having street parking right beside a bike lane …sometimes it’s unclear who the space belongs to.

I mean, in some ways the bump ups make it easier to figure out how to fit on the road… but everyone should look at CAN-Bike.


Richard was making a short trip on his bike. 

Richard: Sorry, my English is not good enough to answer. I live in the neighbourhood, just down the street!

P.S. Richard let us take his photo but then pointed to his head and said he was not sure if it was a good idea to have his picture taken since he was not wearing his “kask.”

Maurice Kowiecinski: I live in the neighbourhood, and I love the bump ups! Yeah, people stand on them – they confuse them with a streetcar stop. But I haven’t had any altercations.


Kevin Livingston: We need more of them! Yes, people stand on them sometimes, but people are courteous.


Stacy Stray: The problem with these bump ups is people waiting for the streetcar who stand in the middle of the bike lane. I just started working at the Grateful Head here on Roncesvalles.



And our first Bike Spotting on Roncesvalle’s “new” bump ups

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One response to “What do you think of the bike bumps on Roncey?”

  1. McKingford says:

    I found it to be a *huge* problem last summer with transit riders treating them as part of the sidewalk. In general, far too many people stand on them while waiting for the streetcar. Then there was a healthy subset of those who didn’t move because they don’t hear my bell – usually because they had earphones in; but I also found far too frequently that some people *refused* to move even after they saw me and glaring at me, as if somehow I was encroaching on *their* space.

    I think there needs to be much clearer signage warning TTC users that the bumpouts are only part of the sidewalk when the streetcar is there, and better markings of the bumpouts themselves so that they are clearly offset from the sidewalk…I dunno, maybe make them all yellow, or striped or something.

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