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Bike Spotting: Ice race 2012

by Leila Kent and Tammy Thorne

dandyhorse was at the ice bike races this year again and thought we’d ask people why they came to stand outside in the freezing damp cold for hours to watch a bunch of people fall on their asses whilst riding their bikes on an ice rink. We also asked what they were wearing… in homage to our new super fab winter web issue!

Dana Lacey has an extended photo report here.

What are you wearing and why are you here?

Johanna Lewis: Jeans, sequined shirt and very long impractical winter coat. Hefty socks and gloves. A toque knitted by my sister to keep my head warm which I wear under my helmet. I have fenders this year because I got a lot of slush on me last year. I just had all-weather break pads. I came with you, Leila. (Leila is dandyhorse‘s new assistant editor for our winter issue and our upcoming Spring youth issue too!)


Amanda Beattie: Hat is by Wildhagen. The store is at Queen and Portland. The fender is bolted on so no special winter gear on my bike. I don’t think you have to sacrifice fashion for warmth. Riding in the winter for me is all about layers and keeping my hands and feet warm. I own a snowboard jacket I bust out on the really chilly or wet days otherwise the wool totally works. I’m here with you, Tammy.

Competing in the studded main event and the ‘rubber race’: Bad Brad (former co-owner of the Bike Joint) below, stopped to chat for a moment too.

Brad: I live in Corbyville now so this is a fun time for me …as I always participate. I’m going to race now. I’m not really wearing anything out of the ordinary. This old BMX helmet is something I got from Derek at the Bike Joint. It’s very sturdy. No, I don’t think I’m going to win tongiht.

Brad is on the far left in this photo below by Dana Lacey – Check out our winter issue for more on this, and other, great bike events. dandy photographer Martin Reis is also seen here on the yellow bike, second from left, in back.

Jen Roberton: I’m wearing a leather jacket and a plaid shirt – it’s wool. Skinny jeans. Canvas army surplus backpack. I’m a U of T student. I don’t even have fenders on my bike! I’m here to see a cool race. My friend Toby from Bike Chain at U of T told me about it.

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