College and Dovercourt: How important is fashion for winter cycling?

by Tammy Thorne and Heather Reid

dandyhorse asked some of the many cyclists on College at Dovercourt: How important is fashion for your winter ride?

We were inspired by our visit to the new shop Cycle Couture on College, which you can read about here.

Barbara Isherwood: I’m suffering for fashion! I wear earmuffs so I don’t get the dreaded hat head. I avoid biking down College for the cabs, streetcar tracks, and Fed Ex. Those three are my big “uh oh uh oh uh oh!”

I have a TV show called Art Sync.


Cory Brenn: My bike is my best accessory. When I moved downtown and started getting more into city cycling I discovered these 40s and 50s French bikes. I picked up my leather saddle from the Community Bicycle Network for five dollars.


Klaudia and Luka: Fashion is not that important. Even though we still look very good. And look at Luka’s lion hoodie!


Mike Cheatley: No, fashion is not really important to me. Comfort and staying warm is more important. Especially layering up.


Gaspar Pasilva: Fashion is important because it shows your individual personality. In the winter warmth is more important, and my personality is more important than my style, but for any human being style is how you present yourself to the world.

We went Bike Spotting after visiting Cycle Couture on College. Read our dandySHOPS profile of Cycle Couture here.

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