Occupy Toronto: How does the bicycle influence your personal economy?

Photos by Cassandra Kardos and Tammy Thorne

Occupy Wall Street is a demonstration that began on September 17, 2011. Protesting growing economic divides, the demonstration has spread to cities across North America. Occupy Toronto began on October 15, 2011 and St. James Park was soon filled with private tents and yurts donated by unions. As of today, protestors in Toronto and other cities across Canada, have been moved from their encampments.

We were there on ‘eviction day’, November 22, and asked some of the protestors and curious passers-by: How does the bicycle influence your personal economy?

Bertrand Duhamel: I don’t have a car anymore. It’s what I’ve got. This is how I get around. Where is the movement being moved to? There is a General Assembly at Nathan Phillips square tonight (November 22) but I’m not sure that it is being moved.


Kyle Brooklin: I ride everywhere for work, exercise, pleasure – it’s like my multi-use tool. Before I was spending about $360 bucks a month on car insurance plus fuel and everything else and I bought this bicycle for about $350 bucks and that’s it.

Moving from the park doesn’t change the movement. I am here because I believe in the movement. I’ve done a lot of work with OCAP and other non-profit organizations and I’ve seen it first hand, the people who need the help the most are being abandoned by our government. This is a global movement to solve all of those problems and it’s so powerful and so strong that it cannot fail and it cannot be moved.



Leslie Slowley aka the Backwards Rider: The bicycle effects my personal economy because it doesn’t cost a thing to get where I’m going or to get back again! I don’t think the Occupy movement should be moved. I think it should be improved. I think it should be maintained and improved. I’m going to stay.


Monty: I’m a courier and this is my job. It’s my living. I support my family by riding around the city and delivering stuff. I’m just passing through. Everyone has their right to their own opinion and every body here is here for a reason. I’m lucky I can make a living and have a roof over my head.

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  1. Tammy says:

    I had a good time doing this bike spotting with Cassandra. I hope no one gets hurt tonight.

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