What can you carry on your cargo bike?

It’s one thing to have a nice rack, but these pimped-out pedal-powered rides can carry a lot more than a six-pack. These Torontonians tell us how they haul ass – and kids and dogs and groceries and furniture – with no gas. From the Food Issue, available now!

Craig Barnes and daughter Kaleda Barnes-Chan: I’m hauling a vintage chair from Mrs. Huizenga on Roncesvalles Ave. I haul children and gear in the trailer and lots of groceries and sports gear on this custom Bilenky cargo bike, equipped with a Bionx electric-assist system. I live in a hilly party of town. (Ed’s note: Craig is a founding member of the Toronto Cyclists Union and started the popular Bike Valet parking program.)


Mary Devries Castel and Evan Castel with co-pilots Camille and Louis: Today we are carrying our work gear, our kids and their school stuff and a week’s worth of fresh veggies. And, yes, I think there might be a six-pack of Amsterdam Natural Blonde in there too!


Megan Ingman at her shop Lettuce Knit in Kensington Market: My dog Daisy and my son Elwood are riding in our De Fietsfabriek brand bike from Amsterdam. We brought it home on the plane. Oh, and the name Lettuce Knit is just a fitting pun since we’re surrounded by fruits and veggies here in the market!


Luisa Milan and her trike Matilda: I’m not hauling much today, which is very rare. I live on Ward’s Island so I always carry lots of stuff. I usually have two big bags in the front and a full back basket. When my son was little I used to carry him in the back! It’s my third trike and she’s four years old. I got the flowers at Loblaws instead of the dollar store because they last longer.


Leida Englar: I’m the box office manager for Summerworks on Toronto Islands. I’m hauling the box office for Shadowland’s theatre production of Hensel and Gretel here on Ward’s Island. This cargo bike is a converted 1984 Jiffy Ice Cream bike.


Zbig Chwieszczenik and Fred De Les Foro: We kite surf here at Hanlan’s Point whenever it’s windy, as much as we can. It’s too far from the ferry to carry all this equipment so the bike trailers do the truck nicely. We just like to hop on the bikes and go.


Laurel Atkinson: My trailer is designed specifically with dogs in mind. I found it while doing the research for “K9 Commute” for dandyhorse in the summer of 2009. I usually haul fruit for Not Far From the Tree.


Avery Peters: I volunteer as a fruit picker for the organization Not Far From the Tree, where the fruit from urban trees is shared three ways between the pickers, the property owners and local food banks. I’m using one of our cargo bikes here.


Laurie Featherstone: I deliver food by bike for a living! I deliver for Forbes Wild Foods and FoodShare one or two times a week for their lunch catering… and much, much more! twowheelsgreendelivery.com


Mike Cluer: I’ve used my trike to move potted trees, computers, furniture and picnic stuff in a cooler plus a couple of folding chairs when my lady friend and I go to the Toronto Islands. Getting the trike is one of the smartest thing I ever did. It was my girlfriend’s idea.


Robert Pahmer: What don’t I carry on my bike? I carry my bike repair stuff, my tennis stuff and all the dog accoutrements, such as treats and toys. I’m riding a Kona Ute with extra-large courier bags used as panniers. Little Taz, the Jack Russell, is in the pannier, my largest pup is Colt and the black pooch is Hogan.


Yvonne Bambrick: It’s amazing how much I can haul with a basket, rack and panniers! I’m carrying the No Parking signs for Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market (last Sunday of the month May to October) along with magazines, duct tape, bungee cords, rain poncho, handbag and my camera. Photo by Tammy Thorne

Cargo bike Bike Spotting photos by Yvonne Bambrick

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