How does wool work its way into your fall and winter cycling wardrobe? What are you wearing today?

In anticipation of Tweed Ride Toronto our Bike Spotting team took to Toronto’s picturesque campuses and found some everyday tweed riders.

Ainsley Head: I am surprised I’m not wearing plaid today and I need to cycle tweed into my wardrobe a bit more for sure this season. I usually wear a wool scarf on a cooler day.

I’m wearing some cool shoes that I got in NY. This awesome bag is great for cycling because of the shoulder strap but it is also fashion-y — got it at a consignment shop in Kingston. And I’m wearing some awesome pearls.


Martin Reis aka Tino: Well, I find that wool and tweed are perfect materials for riding in windy conditions. When it gets a bit wet it gets a bit warmer. And it’s just comfortable and lets everyone know you are a respectable cyclist.

Today, I am wearing a nice little Italian vest…and some blue jeans and soccer shoes. And of course I have my classic felt hat.

I will definitely be at the Tweed ride.

(EDs Note: Tino is a long-time dandyhorse contributor. His work includes the original Bike Spotting series! His photographs appear in the Food Issue, “Tribute to Jack Layton” and “Bikes & Beans”)


Maeve Cox: Wool is awesome for biking in the fall and winter, for layering, because you go from hot to cold a lot.

I am wearing plain high-waisted black pants and a cross-over button up blazer/sweater thing.


Clemence Berg: Wool totally works for me. It fits with the style of my Linus bike.

I’m wearing a sweater vest and a pink shirt. Jeans and Rockports. A Linus is a sweater vest kind of bike.


Alexx Ikon: This wool jacket is from a charity sale across the street from my home, by St. Christopher House…so that is how I like to work wool in. I thought the mint green was very springy for the fall.

I love my bicycle super highway here on Harbord and when I turn south on McCaul… I feel fancy-free!


Rudy Lee: Tweed blazers are perfect for biking in the fall because they’re less cumbersome than coats. I actually traded my TV for this jacket.


Ryan Smith: There’s nothing that really compares to wool – it’s super warm and dressy too.

Today, I am wearing a nice set of slacks with a pinstripe shirt, some suspenders and a page boy hat. I’m new to the city and I got this used bike at a local shop for $200 bucks and it’s been great.

I will definitely be at Tweed Ride Toronto. Looking most forward to the after party with Big Wheel beer and dance lessons.


Tweed Ride Toronto takes place Saturday, October 15, 2011. Riders will meet at the Trinity Bellwoods gates, Queen Street West at Strachan. Registration is from 12:00 to 2:30 pm and the ride starts at 3:00 pm followed by a swing dancing after party. Be sure to stop by the dandyhorse table at the after party for a special dandy deal.

More at Tweed Ride Toronto


Photos by Colleen Kirley. Ryan Smith photo by Tammy Thorne.

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