What Do You Think About the New Bicycle Bump Ups on Roncesvalles?


Rosie Hardaker: I didn’t know these are for bikes. I only use them when there is no one waiting for the TTC.



Mike Zurek: I didn’t realize these are for bicycles, seems like the ramp could be for wheelchair access. Roncesvalles needs a bike lane but I know there doesn’t seem to be enough space with parking.



Jennifer Wakefield: I’m worried about conflicts with people waiting for the TTC. And there’s not enough bicycle parking here.



Dave Overton: I like the bump ups and think they’re an improvement.
Jocelyn Hewett: I’m new to biking in the city and this street is really crammed and busy. The bump ups are great because I’m not confident always riding in traffic.



Pierre Tremblay: I just rode over one back there and someone told me to get off. People don’t know what they’re for and either you ride beside the tracks in a space too small or you ride up here and risk running into someone waiting for a streetcar.



Moriah Kostuk-Simpson: I work on this street and find them easy to use when no one is standing in the middle. After all the work here on the street I find it is now faster to bike and walk on Roncesvalles.

Roncesvalles photos by Huy Le

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